Emporio Armani


The name suggests its revolutionary character, as the term Emporio suggests a type of democratic fashion ⭐️

✅ Emporio armani watch,brilliant build with excellent subtle features now available in stock ✅

*Emporio Armani
*For men
*7AA Premium Collection
*Dial Size-42mm


➡️ Automatic analog series
➡️ Full silver metal belt
➡️ Full silver case
➡️ Transparent open machine
➡️ Open back glass
➡️ Water resistant
➡️ With power back
➡️ Original japan automatic engine

⭐️ *Price- 2600/-

With brand box 📦

Original kit include-a carry bag,a booklet & a protective original box & Rs-399/- extra

Ready to dispatch❤️

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